TU Profiles: Marc Payne

A little over a year ago, Marc Payne won an essay contest for the right to join TU on a blogger tour of Yellowstone National Park, where he helped remove non-native lake trout from Yellowstone Lake and learn more about how invasive species are threatening the native cutthroat trout and grayling of world's most iconic protected landscape.

The visit helped Marc better annunciate his own goals-he's long written about fishing on his blog, The Perfect Drift, but his passion for angling-and the fish he's spent a lifetime chasing-extend beyond the subtle efforts an independent blog can deliver. In short order, he dedicated himself to writing more, and he inked a deal to craft a book about fly fishing his beloved Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

"To protect and preserve the wild places should be our highest goal," Marc says. "Securing clean, pure waters as well as working to restore waters damaged by development or neglect is something we should take to heart. We are the stewards of the earth, not only for us, but for generations that follow."


said on Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Thanks for all you do Marc! I like your blog too. 


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