Why clean water matters: Henry Wood

Two of my favorite things in this world are beer and fishing. And you can’t have either without clean water.

At Upslope Brewery, we oppose any changes to the Clean Water Rule that would weaken the protections it established for critically important waterways like small streams and wetlands. Our craft breweries depend on those waterways to provide the clean water that we use to brew our beer.

Beer is mostly water, so the quality of our source water affects our finished product. Even small chemical disruptions in our water supply can alter the taste of a brew or influence factors like shelf life and foam pattern. We need reliable sources of clean water to consistently produce the great beer that is key to our success.

We’re proud to partner with Trout Unlimited to conserve, protect and restore North America’s cold-water fisheries and watersheds.

Please take a stand and speak up for clean water—go to TU’s Action Center and raise your voice!

Henry Wood is owner of Upslope Brewery in Boulder, Colorado.


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