Firehole Fishing Report

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This weekend saw the start of one my annual Big Events, salmonflies in Firehole Canyon. There were big bugs out in pretty decent number, but as often happens at the start of this hatch, the bigger fish hadn't yet keyed in on them

Tossing a chubby chernobyl along the banks and into mid-stream seams brought up plenty of smaller fish, but only a few big enough to get their mouth around the hook. If the warmer temperatures hold up, and the bugs keep coming off, the canyon will be filled with both big salmonflies and trout with their eyes on the surface.

Above the falls we also saw a good amount of insect activity. PMD's were in abundance, and as always it's fun to watch riseforms and change your patterns as the hatch progresses. We saw a handful of caddis, and a few rises that may have been fish chasing them, but we didn't see enough to get us to switch from our PMD patterns that were doing a pretty good job fooling the local browns and rainbows.

The river temps are climbing, and it won't be long until we have to put our Firehole fly box away for the summer and wait until fall. If you're planning a trip to fish this gem, come soon, or you'll be too late.


said on Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Great stuff, I was in there last week and couldn't get them to budge for a salmonfly.


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